Audra Starkey

Audra Starkey


Hi, my name is Jules Galloway and I’m a passionate naturopath on a mission to help you find your shine again.

Growing up in a typical Aussie household in Melbourne, I was raised on Weet Bix, sliced bread, margarine, and low fat dairy products. We thought we ate a pretty healthy diet. Yet, for years I suffered with recurring illness and infections, low energy levels, poor sleep, skin breakouts, anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

But it wasn’t until my 20’s that an escalation in my health issues forced a full rethink of my eating habits and lifestyle. I began to cut down on gluten, dairy and sugar and learn about wholefoods. I qualified as a naturopath in 2015.

But I kept punishing my body in other ways. In my late 30’s a busy lifestyle and demanding “work hard, party hard” schedule took me to the brink of burnout. I was a mess, and heading towards chronic fatigue.
Something had to change.

Cue – a move to beautiful Byron Bay. I learned to thrive for the first time in my life with a combination of fresh, healthy food, the right supplements, exercise, mindfulness, time in nature, and a HUGE dose of happiness.
I also dug deep to uncover the underlying causes of my health problems – pyrrole disorder (aka pyroluria), heavy metal toxicity, and a pesky MTHFR gene mutation thrown in for good measure. This gave me a super keen interest in functional medicine – a style of practice which includes pathology testing to find out what’s REALLY going on.

And now I want to share all that I’ve learned with you.

Since 2013 I’ve created recipe books, spoken at live events all around the country, and run online wellness programs for women experiencing adrenal fatigue. I also see clinic patients both in person, and via phone/Skype.

I’m now a huge advocate for work/life balance and I’m learning to walk my talk! In my spare time I can be found surfing, spending time at the beach, attempting to turn myself upside down at yoga, or simply hanging out with my hubby, friends and rescue dogs.