Andy Wang & John Purl

Andy Wang & John Purl

Hosts - Smashed Avocado

Andy & JP are two business owners working in professional services, however they have a passion for all things health and wellness. Andy & JP love to learn and experiment in order to show others how taking care of your mind and body can benefit your career or business.

About Andy Wang

With over 10 years’ hands on experience working with countless businesses in different stages of their life cycle as a coach, accountant, co-founder and investor, Andy has always loved business.

However, like many business owners caught up in the “hustle” mentality, Andy suffered severe burn out. It was through this that he realised that there is more to business than to grind out a daily profit. He realised that a business exists to serve as a vessel for the owner to live a fulfilling life.

Today, as the Wellness Accountant, Andy is a business owner coach. With the belief that a business will always be stunted by the growth of the owner, Andy believes in growing a business holistically by empowering the business owner. Business and life aren’t separate and shouldn’t be if we do what we love.

About John Purl

Fourteen years of working in wealth advisory and a life time of love for all things health and wellness has brought John to where he is today, a business owner, a father and a desire to help others improve their health/wellness and career/financial success.

John brings about a passion to see people succeed professionally, financially and without sacrificing their health and wellbeing. With this comes an understanding that to succeed in your career, in your family life, in your business, in your pursuit to becoming a better/healthier you, you need to play the ‘long game’. To play the long game you need support, education and encouragement which is what drives John each day.