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Is your journey along the wellness path a lonely one? Do you crave being around like-minded people? Are you overwhelmed and not sure what step to take next? Are you wanting to learn from Australia’s leaders in the wellness movement?

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The Wellness Basecamp

The Wellness Basecamp is the one-day event hosted by Australia’s #1 health and wellness podcast network, The Wellness Couch.

The Wellness Couch is an online radio station with over 20 different shows. With over 7 million episode downloads, 5000 event attendees and more than 2000 episodes in our wellness vault, The Wellness Couch is Australia’s premier provider of wellness podcasts and events.

The Wellness Basecamp is a one-day wellness extravaganza featuring experts on topics including nutrition, self-care, mindfulness and mindset, life management, relationships and more.

You’ll find The Wellness Basecamp relevant, inspiring, informative and entertaining.

And most of all, you’ll develop a community of like-minded people as you continue on your wellness adventure.

Perth | Newcastle


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Over the course of one jam-packed, inspo-filled day you will be taken on an adventure of education, entertainment and empowerment in the pursuit that you will be inspired to play a bigger game in your own life (no matter how big or small it already is).

Our intention is to inspire the living daylights out of you so that you are truly jumping out of your skin to raise the bar and take the people you love the most along the ride with you.

Perth | Newcastle 



June 22 | 9am – 5pm

@ Wests Mayfield

Jason Whitton – Financial Wellness

Over 15 years ago, Positive Real Estate Founder and Chief of Education Jason Whitton set out to create not just a company, but an industry, that didn’t exist in Australia. Jason’s passion for education and expertise in property investment combined to make him uniquely...

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Rhiannon Crispe – Autism

Rhiannon is an occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate. She thinks outside the ‘diagnostic box’ and sees every child as an individual with unlimited potential. Rhiannon is rethinking existing paradigms by blending...

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Paul Thompson – Barefoot Health

Paul Thompson, Podiatrist of 12 years and advocate for a Barefoot lifestyle! Paul is passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase efficiency and performance, reduce pain and injury, all whilst reducing the need for artificial...

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Mel Gearing – Low Tox Living

Mel is a qualified Clinical Herbalist, passionate about prescribing herbal medicine as a tool in fighting illness and imbalance within the body. She aims to fuse traditional herbal medicine with current research and evidence, believing in an integration of herbal and...

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Maria Zuschmann – Stress Management

Maria Zuschmann, Dr M as she is affectionately known, has a passion for helping the community to feel and function better in all aspects of their lives and help them identify and remove interferences that are holding them back from their goals. Dr M speaks and teaches...

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Kim Morrison – Self Love & Self Care

Kim Morrison is the founder and creator of Twenty8 Chemical-free Skincare and Aromatherapy, a five times best selling author and Health and Lifestyle Educator. She set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours. Cliff Young was her...

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Brett Hill – Mindset, Mental Health & Resilience

Dr Brett Hill is a wellness expert, chiropractor and author of the life-changing book How To Eat An Elephant. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last...

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Marcus Pearce – Longevity & Work-Life Blend

In a former life Marcus Pearce was a workaholic journalist, radio and television producer. That past life included an obsession with AFL football, which led him to create The Run Home on Victorian all-sports station SEN 1116, and work as an associate producer at...

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Opened my mind, opened my heart. Thank you! It was intimate, informative and important. Loved it! Kelly D

I was expecting diet and exercise, but was pleasantly surprised that you focused more on the mental side of things which I have been (deliberately) avoiding. Love, love, loved it. Thank you! Melissa R

Inspirational and deep. I appreciate each speaker sharing their personal experiences of health and relationships to inspire everyday people to improve their quality of life. Jackie D

“Great day listening to passionate, real, inspirational, educated people” Lisa M

A well balanced, thought-provoking day that was about growth and curiosity rather than being lectured to. Georgie S

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and have gained new knowledge that has added value to my life. It was very well put together and each speaker was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Lyn E


We partner with incredible companies like those listed below. Do you want to join the tribe and be an exhibitor at The Wellness Basecamp? Click here for more info!
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Wellness Basecamp?

The Wellness Basecame is a one-day event hosted by Australia’s #1 health and wellness podcasting network The Wellness Couch. The Couch was founded by the hosts of the network’s flagship podcast The Wellness Guys, with annual downloads now exceeding 2 million. With over 20 podcasts and 30+ hosts located all over Australia and the world, The Wellness Basecamp was created in order to connect listeners with podcasters and the wellness sector of the local community where the event is based.

What time does The Wellness Basecamp begin?

Each Wellness Basecamp event begins at 10am and concludes at 5pm. Registration will take place from 9am. The Wellness Basecamp includes three breaks – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (food available for purchase).

Is the event venue close to food and accommodation?

Yes! All our Wellness Basecamp venues are in locations that are in close proximity to food and accommodation.

Will my Dietary Requirements be looked after?

Whilst food is not provided, many of our exhibitors provide samples and there is food for sale. And being The Wellness Basecamp, all dietary preferences are included in our exhibitor area. Alternatively, local restaurants and cafes will definitely cater to any dietary requirements. If your requirements are difficult to cater for, we suggest bringing your own food where possible.

Why did we create The Wellness Basecamp?

You’ve been asking for it! After running The Wellness Summit each year in Melbourne, listeners from all over Australasia have been demanding we run events in other locations! In addition, there’s only so much information you can share on a podcast! With over 20 podcasts now on The Wellness Couch, we recognise that listening to a podcast is one thing, but having the accountability of learning alongside other wellness enthusiasts is an entirely different game. Workshopping your way through a live event like this one can also help to bring clarity to your wellness journey.

On top of that, we love meeting our listeners and hearing your stories of success first hand. It’s the fuel that keeps us doing what we do. If you’re new to us, we look forward to meeting you and helping you along your wellness adventure.


Can I bring my Partner or Teenage Child along?

Absolutely! We highly recommend bringing your partner if at all possible and if you have teenage children between the age of 12-16 years who are inspired by the health and wellness message then we can’t recommend this event enough!

What topics does The Wellness Basecamp cover?

Each Wellness Basecamp is different, with a variet of speakers at each location. Click on “Dates & Venues” to see what each speaker covers at each event. Across all three events, topics include female health, gut health, low tox living, wholefoods cooking, stress management, mental health, mindset, barefoot living, longevity, self-care, mindfulness, relationships, movement and more.

Who is speaking at this years' event?

Each location for The Wellness Basecamp features four to six of your favourite Wellness Couch podcasters plus a special guest! The intention behind The Wellness Basecamp has been to provide local speakers from The Wellness Couch community to you. That way, the wellness community you live in can grow even more congruently via the “proximity is power” principle.

In short, you are more likely to improve your health and life when you have incredible people around you. And the closer they are, the better!

Click on the Speakers section to see who is speaking where in 2019.


Where is The Wellness Basecamp held?

In 2019 The Wellness Basecamp will be held in Fremantle (WA), Newcastle (NSW) and Auckland (NZ). The venue for each location is to be confirmed and will be updated on this site and emailed to confirmed attendees once finalised.

What is the refund policy?

Tickets to The Wellness Basecamp are 100% transferrable. We do not offer refunds to the event given the size of the event, however you are welcome to re-sell or gift it to your friends or family. Simply send an email to admin@thewellnesscouch.com with the change of name details.

What is the schedule of events?

At each edition of The Wellness Basecamp you will have at least five main speakers. The schedule for each event is listed under “Dates & Venues”.

Each event is broken up with three breaks, which allow you to connect with the exhibitors on display, chat with the speakers, and make new friends with your fellow attendees!


If I have a question, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to admin@thewellnesscouch.com and one of our team will respond within 1 business day.

Who is The Wellness Basecamp for?

  • Anyone who is interested being a healthy, more vibrant version of themselves.
  • Anyone who wants the LATEST information on any of the following health topics (& more): gluten-free living, the ideal diet, fermentation, hormones, mindset, rituals, mental health, life purpose, relationships and more.
  • Anyone who is wanting to enter the health and wellness industry and looking for a peer group to associate and network with.
  • Anyone who wants to raise a healthy family and share the wisdom of the wellness lifestyle with their children, siblings, spouses, parents and extended family.
  • Anyone who is looking to create an outstanding peer group of like-minded people. With so many like-minded people in attendance, it’s nigh on impossible to leave without collecting one phone number and organising one date with a new friend!
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